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Sustainability it takes all of us

We believe future generations deserve a healthy planet. We're committed to operating a sustainable business that protects and nourishes our environment, communities and the world.

We’re currently working to:

Areas of Focus

Last modified 04/05/2023

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

Five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year and more than 99% are never recycled. We plan to remove single-use plastics from our operations by 2025.
Last modified 04/05/2023

Achieve Zero Waste

We aim to get food to people who need it and keep it out of landfills. Our goal is to achieve zero waste as defined by the EPA before 2025.   
Last modified 04/05/2023

Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average supermarket emits the equivalent of 6.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually. We hope to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.                           
Last modified 04/05/2023

Sustainably Source Products & Packaging

We consider environmental impact when selecting products for our shelves. This consideration influences packaging decisions for our Own Brands and National Brands. We also engage with our supplier partners to bring new and improved offerings into our stores.

Latest Updates

Our Commitment to Pollinators

Last modified 04/05/2023
Bees play an essential role in food production. We're dedicated to helping them thrive.

Turning Plastics into Patios

Last modified 04/05/2023
We're your link to convenient recycling that's beneficial for everyone.

Flashfood Partnership

Last modified 04/05/2023
It's a win-win: You save money, we save food from landfills.

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