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Leadership Development

Giant Eagle has two formal training programs to develop effective leaders for frequent growth opportunities within our stores.
Team Leader Development Program
This 9 to 12-week program provides hands-on experience to various departments within a Giant Eagle store. Team Members work closely with Master Trainers and receive formal feedback to evaluate progress. Our instructors and mentors provide the knowledge, tools, and resources to position new Team Leaders for success in leading their own department.
Retail Leader Development Program
Classroom and in-store training prepares Team Leaders to become successful Assistant Store Leaders, which is the next step for advancement into Store Leader roles. Trainees work closesly with Senior Retail Leaders during this 18 to 36 month program and receive formal feedback to assess their progress with talent management and financial responsibilities - key areas in a retail store. 

Core Skills for Success

Customer Focus
Gains customer trust and respect. Acts with customers in mind and anticipates future needs with a focus on improving service.
Drive for Results
Beats deadlines, exceeds goals, steadily pushes others for results and is consistenly a top performer. 
Integrity & Trust
Widely trusted, honorable and truthful. Puts the organization first and take responsibility for their actions.
Interpersonal Savvy
Relates well to all people, builds long-term relationships, balances work and people issues well. 
Learning on the Fly
Loves learning and solving problems, open-minded, relentless and versatile learner, willing to experiment and take chances. 
Process Management
Creates efficient workflows, maximizes resources, simplifies and syngergizes  complex processes and measures results.

What are the ingredients of being a great leader?

Being a Leader at Giant Eagle is much more than just knowing how to effectively manage a department. We do not define leadership around title or power. Rather we define leadership around the way we value and respect the dignity and well-being of every person.