Business Resource Groups

​​​​​​​Giant Eagle engages our Team Members and communities with our Inclusion, Equity & Diversity mission and strategy through the work of eight Business Resources Groups (BRGs):
While their missions and individual goals differ, all eight BRGs are focused on the following key areas

  • Talent Acquisition: Assist Talent Acquisition to increase diverse candidate flow and expand pipeline efforts.
  • Talent Development: Assist Team Member Experience to support the professional development of diverse Team Members and expand diverse leadership representation.
  • Internal Impact: Improve the Team Member experience through recommended policy/procedure improvements regarding Group’s represented population and serve as an internal subject matter expert.
  • Guest Impact: Advise Merchandising/Marketing and other teams on ways to serve guests better regarding Group’s represented population.
  • Team Member Engagement: Help increase awareness and understanding of issues related to the Group the BRG represents and provide networking and social opportunities for represented group to increase sense of internal community.
  • Community: Partner with external organizations to help strengthen the represented Group in the community and provide volunteer opportunities to leverage Team Member passion and skill to help those less fortunate in the community.

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