In compliance with applicable laws, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in India and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire.

AFFIDAVIT  I hereby state that the answers and statements provided by me on this application are true, complete, and accurate. I understand that Giant Eagle Global Capability Center, LLP (“the Company” or “GEB”) will rely upon the information I have provided when considering my application for employment.  I authorize the Company to make whatever inquiries it deems necessary of any former employer, personal reference, or school official, and conduct such other background checks (including credit and criminal checks) in order to verify any information given in my application and/or to determine my qualifications and abilities. I understand that such inquiries may include information as to my character and general reputation. I further understand that if, in the judgment of the Company, I have made any false statements, omissions, concealment or misrepresentation; or failed to answer any question(s) fully and accurately; or if the results of the Company’s investigation are not satisfactory, then any offer made by the Company may be withdrawn, or my employment with the Company may be summarily terminated, without obligation or liability to me.

This notice and consent explain the background checks that GEB conducts on job applicants and employees of GEB, and records your consent to those checks.
We may use third party service providers, to carry out background checks on our behalf. The checks we perform depend on the particular role you are applying for or performing for GEB.  The checks we perform also depend on local country law.  We may carry out some or all of the following background checks:

  • checks and references in respect of your previous years of employment or other work;

  • checks of your professional references;

  • checks or confirmation of your highest level of education;

  • checks against medical sanctions / debarment databases;

  • criminal record checks;

  • credit reference checks;

  • professional qualifications checks;

  • checks of information collected from publicly available sources including social media platforms and other information available online;

  • skills and competency, assessments,

  • personality assessments; and

  • psychological assessments.

We conduct these background checks only where allowed under applicable law.

We carry out these background checks primarily in order to pursue our legitimate business interests, including:

  • ensuring that applicants are suitable;

  • ensuring applicants and employees have provided accurate information during their applications or employment;

  • maintaining suitability of current employees during the entire duration of their employment;

  • ensuring compliance with our internal policies, applicable laws, regulatory requirements and industry standards; and

  • other legitimate business interests referred to in our relevant privacy notices. Those notices contain important details about the way in which we process your personal data, the purposes and bases for processing, how your personal data is collected, who it may be disclosed to, where and why we transfer your personal data to / from and your rights in relation to your personal data.

If you have any questions about the checks that third parties carry out on our behalf, of if you need a copy of the applicable Privacy Notice, please contact the GEB HR team at   

Please note that your candidature, or continued employment with GE, is subject to the successful completion of background checks (as contemplated herein) to GEB’s satisfaction.

In order for GEB to complete the review of your application, you must agree that the answers you have provided are true, complete, and accurate.  If you would like to agree to the previously stated Affidavit, check click the “I Agree” button below.   You also hereby acknowledge that you have read and understood this Notice and Consent and you freely consent to (a) our third parties carrying out the background checks described here on behalf of the Company; and (b) the processing of your personal data towards conducting such background checks.