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Inclusion, Equity & Diversity at Giant Eagle Inc.

At Giant Eagle, we believe inclusion, equity, and diversity are critical for three reasons.

First, it is simply the right thing to do - supporting a culture in which everyone, regardless of what makes them unique, can thrive. This is the foundation of treating people with respect.

Second, it is crucial to building a great business. Innovation and staying relevant to our Guests, who all have unique needs, is the key to business success. For that to happen, we need people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives who can help solve problems from different angles. To make the best possible business decisions, our Team Members must feel like they belong and therefore be able to bring their whole selves to work.

Third, we know that Giant Eagle can't truly thrive until everyone in our community thrives, and we're committed to doing our part to help every community member feel included. We're honored to play an important role in our communities by providing our neighbors with the essentials they need to thrive. To do this, we must understand their unique perspectives and needs - listening, learning, and valuing everyone's contributions and experiences. 

We think about the order of the words inclusion, equity, and diversity very intentionally. Although diversity and equity are critical elements of the work, we believe they are merely a means to our true goal of inclusion, which is why we put inclusion first. Without inclusion, it's all for naught.

While we focus every day on acknowledging blind spots, educating ourselves, and taking action, we know we're running a marathon and still have so far to go. But, if we're open, honest, and vulnerable. we will continue to build bridges with one another and continue to move forward together. 

We are building a global workforce because we know that's what it takes to be competitive as a leading retailer and to harness the innovation necessary to sustain the business well into the future. We have an opportunity to broaden our perspectives even more and include a whole new set of voices in our company. We are so excited to be working with our Team Members in Bengaluru and across India. We can't wait to build an environment where we are learning from one another and growing together.

We are determined to make progress and lead on inclusion, equity, and diversity and welcome you to join us on this journey.

How We Define Inclusion, Equity & Diversity

At Giant Eagle, we know that a culture of inclusion and belonging, based on respect for all people, is the right thing to do. Everyone from all walks of life who interacts with our Company should feel like they belong. This includes our Team Members, Guests, business partners, community members and shareholders.

It is also a critical path to innovation and business success. When people feel like they belong, they work smarter and more creatively. We build an inclusive, equitable and diverse culture by empowering each person, collaborating with people who think differently and celebrating their differences and unique talents.

Giant Eagle will build a better and more informed business when it engages with the diverse perspectives of each Team Member, Guest, business partner, community member and shareholder, and incorporates those perspectives into every action and decision. Our Company will mirror the people we serve.

Every person who interacts with Giant Eagle will feel like they belong and can thrive as their true self.

Latest Updates

2023 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion

Last modified 07/06/2023
We are honored to receive this award in recognition for our commitment to inclusivity.

Standing Up Against Racism

Last modified 07/06/2023
We are committed to helping end racism and removing barriers so everyone can thrive.

Team Members Who Are Differently Abled

Last modified 07/06/2023
For over 40 years, we have been dedicated to being an inclusive place to work for Team Members who are differently abled.

Supplier Diversity

Last modified 07/06/2023
We leverage our buying power to help historically marginalized communities thrive through our support for diverse suppliers.

Business Resource Groups

Last modified 07/06/2023
We support inclusion and a culture where everyone feels like they belong through our eight business resource groups.

hear from our team

Giant Eagle has been a great learning and growth platform for me. As part of the Category Analytics team within Merchandising Strategy, I have had the opportunity to directly interact with Category Managers, understand challenges and focus areas, provide meaningful and actionable insights, and add value to the business. This has certainly helped me broaden my retail experience and knowledge and enrich my professional career. I look forward to a more rewarding and exciting career path ahead.
Bengaluru, India
My favorite part of my job is research and development of new products, specifically Ready to Cook Meal Kits. Not only do I get to engage my creative side, but it requires a lot of inter-department coordination and logic to piece the puzzle together for a successful product. It gives me the opportunity to work with different people and products. It never feels like work!
Culinary Operations
Pennsylvania, United States
I am glad to be a part of the GEB team where there are endless opportunities to learn and grow. The team is highly supportive of developing new skills and expanding your knowledge base. I started as an Analyst in invoice auditing and was able to successfully move to the accounting team, which emphasizes the mobility factor that GEB has to offer. The organization is driven by strong values and ethics, fostering a flexible work culture that enables you to be efficient and effective in your role.
Bengaluru, India
I enjoy the relationships built with my co-workers throughout the years. As a workplace Giant Eagle has made that easy. The Company motivates and challenges us to be more innovative and engaging.
Information Technology
Pennsylvania, United States
I feel Giant Eagle's Core Values (Respect All, Think Team, See It Own It, Work Smart, Live Well, and Do Right) and its inclusive culture is what makes it one of the best workplaces. Having a management team that encourages and supports its Team Members in all ways empowers me to do my best every day. It's been a great journey, having amazing people around, new work challenges, continued learning experiences and the positive environment makes me feel great to be part of the Giant Eagle family. 
Supply Chain Operations
Bengaluru, India
My journey with Giant Eagle GCC has been phenomenal. This is one of the best environments I have experienced so far. The hybrid work model has really benefitted me to maintain a better work-life balance. Giant Eagle for me is a great place with virtuous culture and boundless opportunities to learn and grow in various ways.
Human Resources
Bengaluru, India
The best thing about working at Giant Eagle is working with my team. Throughout my career, I have found that the one thing that can make or break a person's ability to affect change and enjoy their role is the people they work with. The Team Members that I work with to support the organization's technology needs have continuously proven to be committed, engaged, and supportive.
Information Technology
Pennsylvania, United States