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Creating a New Career as a Personal Shopper

In recent months, consumer demand for online shopping and delivery services, such as Giant Eagle’s Curbside has exploded and as such, so has our need for Curbside Personal Shoppers to fulfill our customer's needs and keep our communities running. To work in Curbside is a unique experience as it’s unlike any other department within a supermarket.

To help you better understand what it’s like to work in Curbside, we’d like to introduce you to Megan, Curbside Team Leader. Megan had previously been employed in the restaurant industry, but after COVID shut down where she worked, she knew she wanted to work somewhere with a more stable outlook during the pandemic. She thought becoming a Curbside Personal Shopper would be an easy transition because of the position's focus on food and customer service, and she was right! Not only did she fit right in, she thrived in a very short period of time and is now a Department Team Leader for us. Read more about Megan's time with us below.

How did you come to work for Giant Eagle? What has been your career path within Giant Eagle?

I applied to Giant Eagle at the beginning of the pandemic last year. I was working in the restaurant industry and when everything closed, I knew that I needed to find somewhere to work as I could not sit at home simply collecting unemployment. I like to be active and have a sense of purpose to my day.

My first day with Giant Eagle was at the end of March 2020. I was approached to be a Lead within my first week of working as they needed the extra help and I was eager to learn more. I officially became a Curbside Lead around mid-April. After roughly 6 months, I expressed interest in moving up further and was promoted to Curbside Team Leader in September 2020.

What made you think of Giant Eagle as a possible place of employment? What made you change careers from the restaurant industry to Curbside/supermarket?

I knew I needed a place to work that was stable and I have always been a fan of Giant Eagle as a store. I also love grocery shopping so the thought of getting paid to shop for other people was intriguing to me. Since I was already in the food and customer service industry, I knew it would be an easy transition.

Why have you chosen to stay with Giant Eagle?

I have chosen to stay with Giant Eagle because of two main factors; the opportunity to advance my career and the interest taken in myself from leadership as a Team Member. Since being at Giant Eagle, I have felt a sense of belonging that I have not really felt at any job in the past. I feel like the leadership within the store, and even at the corporate level, care about my wellbeing and recognize my hard work.

What is your favorite Giant Eagle memory?

My favorite Giant Eagle memory was when we had the opportunity to give away free groceries over the holidays. We selected a valued customer and let them know that we had covered their bill. It was very rewarding to experience their appreciation and see the impact we have on people.

What work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of developing my Curbside Team. I feel like I have made a significant impact since becoming a Leader. I have found my own rhythm and established good working relationships with my Team Members. The ultimate goal is to coach them to be the best workers they can be and I see that potential in Curbside.

“I love grocery shopping so the thought of getting paid to shop for other people was intriguing to me. Since I was already in the food and customer service industry, I knew it would be an easy transition.”
- Megan, Curbside Team Leader

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Curbside Personal Shopper

Meet Megan, Curbside Team Leader

Works at our Sawmill Giant Eagle in Columbus, OH

Team Member since March 2020

A "fun fact" about Megan:

A lot of my family members work for the airlines, so I get to reap the benefits and fly for free! Not being able to travel lately has been disappointing, but I have been fortunate to visit many cool places!

Curbside Personal Shopper
Curbside Personal Shopper

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