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Human Resources Offices at Giant Eagle

Recruitment Process

The Giant Eagle Recruiting Team is committed to providing an informative and respectful recruiting experience to every candidate. That’s why we have created a formal step-by-step process to ensure that we are putting the best-qualified people into positions where they can grow and thrive.

  1. The first step is to submit an online application and complete an online assessment that helps measure your fit with our Core Values and required skills.
  2. After reviewing your application, assessment and/or resume, the team will determine if you should participate in a phone or an in-person interview.
  3. Depending on the role you are interviewing for, you may meet with one or more recruiters, a hiring manager and other decision makers. You may also participate in one or more interviews.
  4. If you are interviewing for a management position, you will also participate in a leadership assessment during the interview period.
  5. If you receive an offer of employment, you will need to undergo a background, credit and/or reference check. All applicants are drug-tested. We will also review your driving record if it is applicable to the position.