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Each person’s career path is unique, based on individual goals and strengths. Promotion at Giant Eagle may mean moving up – or moving around. It is not uncommon for Team Members to be given an opportunity to move from one department to another.

We have a long history of promoting our people from within. In fact, many of our senior leaders started as hourly Team Members. Everyone at Giant Eagle has an equal chance to participate in training sessions and mentoring programs to grow leadership at all levels.

Giant Eagle: What is Talent Development?
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What is Talent Development?

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I am valued. I am valued. I am valued. I am encouraged to learn and grow. I am encouraged to learn and grow. I am empowered. I am empowered. I am empowered. Talent Development isn’t just for leaders, it is for everyone. Talent development is valuing and respecting the talent every Team Member brings to the table. It’s about continually coaching and developing each other to be better and to achieve more. Talent Development is about an attitude of lifelong learning. It is holding ourselves accountable to grow personally and professionally and to use those skills and experiences to contribute to your’s and the company’s success. Team Members are the heart of our success. That’s why Giant Eagle has made a significant investment in making sure development opportunities are available for every Team Member. Giant Eagle wants you to be a better leader, a better worker, a better person. Giant Eagle wants that and there’s so many tools to raise your hand and say “Yes”! I think the thing that I’ve learned since I’ve been at Giant Eagle is that development is all about making yourself uncomfortable or allowing people to make you uncomfortable and it’s the process you go through as you conquer that thing you’re scared to face. And as you learn the skills necessary in order to become comfortable with that said thing. Development to me means ongoing knowledge and growth. I think the biggest thing is I’ve been very fortunate is working for the people. It’s so nice about that that family culture of the company is everyone ‘s willing to help you when you ask and it makes it very, very easy to develop and to learn. I think it’s important to develop because you want to improve as times change and as times change you want to make sure that you’re up to date. You learn a lot from people just by watching. So for me I like that setting of being in the open, with my peers, doing it together, tackling anything together. This is an ongoing process. You’re never too old to learn. I bascially started the company as a bagger and worked my way up to where I’m currently at and I think it’s the culture. I think it’s the family feel of the company. I think they give you the time to do it. Giant Eagle has supported me in my development by allowing me to kind of change roles. Several different times they recognize potential in me despite the fact that I’m a young professional and I dont have a lot of past expereince. Interestingly enough the people that helped me the most today with my career goals are the people that think I’m helping them. They teach me the most. I get to be hands-on to learn and to try the process. They coach and when you make a mistake, you just learn from it, you move on. This is what’s nice about Giant Eagle’s culture – They let you do that so you’re dont have to be afraid of making a mistake. Well the great thing about Giant Eagle is that they let you pave your own path as long as you’re willing to take ownership of your development and your career. They will let you go really wherever you want to go and they’ll provide the guidance that you need. Always ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do your best in the moment because it will put you in a better place for the next moment The culture at Giant Eagle is about giving back and it’s up to you to raise your hand and say “Yes!”

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