Tasey in her GetGo location

We’re excited to introduce you to Tasey, Kitchen Lead at our Carmel GetGo Café + Market in Carmel, Indiana! Tasey has been with us since GetGo entered the Indy Market in 2015. She started out as a part-time Team Member and quickly realized she wanted to establish a career with GetGo! Read the rest of Tasey’s story here.

How did you come to work for GetGo?

Tasey with Memorial Day display at GetGo

Tasey Wright, GetGo Kitchen Lead at the Carmel GetGo Cafe + Market in Carmel, Indiana

I came to work at GetGo before the Grand Opening at the new store in Carmel in 2015. I was hired in July 2015. I started as a part-time Crew Member and I went through all the training. I was trained for almost the entire store, but at the time, I was doing more of a part-time Cashier position and; initially, that was all I wanted. I’m still at the Carmel location.

I ended up working in the kitchen part-time, as well. I got to spend more time in the kitchen, and I learned the various aspects of the store. The other stores started opening and a full-time position became available, which happened at a very good time for me. It was also during the same time that I was dropped from my husband’s insurance. I needed insurance and I knew if I went full-time, I could receive those benefits. I became a full-time Team Member and worked in the front and the back of the store. John was my Store Leader at the time. He believed in me. He wanted me to take the Kitchen Lead position, so I decided to try it.

I really like being a Kitchen Lead, and I like this Company. The benefits are outstanding. That’s what I tell people …. the Company and people are great, and the benefits are outstanding!

At the time when I went full-time, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Fortunately, I received health insurance through GetGo. I’ve dealt with my illness for more than a year now and I’ve learned how to manage it. Luckily, our medical benefits are great, and I’ve been able to participate in trials and test programs that have really helped me because my health insurance covered the costs.

What made you think of GetGo as a possible place of employment?

They kept advertising that the new Market District was hiring, and I thought that I needed to go out there and see what it was all about. They had a hiring event at a hotel. I went through the interview process and I was offered a position that same day. They mentioned the GetGo that was opening, which I had never heard about. They told me about the Café + Market concept. They told me about the cross- training and I thought it sounded interesting.

I’m glad I went that way because it’s a smaller environment than the Market District but it’s also larger than your typical gas station. We have quite a few Team Members and I like the environment. I ended up at GetGo by accident, but it all worked out. They saw my experience and felt it was a good fit for GetGo.

What’s something that happened that can only happen here?

One of the things I really like is that we have such a diverse group of people, people from all different backgrounds. We celebrate holidays from various cultures. We get to learn from each other. We have potlucks where we all bring food from our different nationalities.

Recently, we did really well at our store and hit our goals. The Company threw us a pizza party, got cake and balloons, and made it a celebration.  The GetGo Café + Market concept is new, and we don’t have anything else like it here in the Indy market and people love it!

What work are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the accomplishments that I’ve made, and just the appreciation that I get for those accomplishments. I do things because I know they need to be done, but it’s a great feeling when people acknowledge what I’ve done. I’ve come up with some ideas that have been implemented. We’re not here to change the world but to make small improvements when we can. GetGo wants our input; they listen to us, and then they’ll work with us to implement our ideas.


“When we first opened, we had executives come in the kitchen and they were helping us work. One, I remember, he put on an apron over his suit and got to work. There’s no difference between the people on the front lines and the people at the top.”

TaseyKitchen Lead
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  1. Karen Cole says:

    Great job Tasey! It is so amazing to really belong to such a great company! You dont find that much anymore!

  2. Jean says:

    Hi Tassey I know this is a long shot but you don’t happen to have ever lived in Akron Ohio? I used to have a long lost cousin and her name was Tassey.


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